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Removal Technician Efforts in Iowa

Removal Technician Efforts in Iowa

October 2023 Update

While Bill S193, which addresses the use of removal technicians, was officially passed and implemented on July 1, 2023, it’s important to note that this was done with the requirement of establishing rules by the Board of Mortuary Science (BMS).

In June 2023, the IFDA Board and Ad-Hoc committee diligently presented a set of rules to the BMS that were designed for clarity and ease of compliance. To craft these rules, a committee was formed by the Board of Mortuary Science, comprising of three public members and three board members. Initially, two meetings were held to discuss these rules. However, the second meeting encountered challenges due to disagreements with the BMS Executive Director and Assistant Attorney General.

Regrettably, the rules were not thoroughly discussed with the committee during this second meeting, leading to the decision to return for further discussion at the next board meeting. IFDA firmly stood by the direction of the legislation, and subsequently, the rules were referred back to the committee for comprehensive discussion. Currently, we are eagerly awaiting a meeting to be scheduled by Executive Director, Susan Reynolds.

It’s important to emphasize that, at present, unlicensed individuals cannot be used for removals. IFDA remains committed to keeping you updated on any developments and progress in this matter. If you wish to express your support, please feel free to send an email to, and we will ensure that your message reaches the Board of Mortuary Science staff and board members.

Posted April 15, 2023