IFDA Webinars

Please watch our Events page for sessions offered or sponsored by IFDA to register for your spot and be sure to receive your con ed.

IFDA Webinar Registrations require three steps:

  • First, complete the IFDA registration form from the OSHA links, these are a Zoom sponsored form. This provides a confirmation email and the link you will need to access the session the day of the event.  
  • Second, the participation link you need to join the day of will come via e-mail after you complete the registration and is also emailed to participants again by the IFDA office to ensure all participants have the link to join. This will NOT be emailed to you again until ONE hour before the session, and if you saved the email confirmation you already have the link – the email form IFDA is a courtesy to make things easier and to remind you of your upcoming session. 
  • Third, once you have completed your Zoom registration, if applicable, you MUST make payment prior to the start of the session. This can be done by mailing a check to the office OR using the Stripe credit card link assigned to the session you are attending. 

Don’t forget

  • Each attendee must individually complete the Zoom registration (links containd in The Insider and email blasts) with a unique email address. (No sharing of email addresses among co-workers or others)
  • When viewing the webinar, each attendee must be logged in under their own individual email address and on their own device.

Check out our events page for more information and to register for IFDA sponsored Webinars. You may also wish to attend sessions from the providers below, please note that you need to create an account for those providers and all courses and payments are NOT handled or tracked by IFDA for your Continuing education credits.

Web CE: https://www.webce.com/login

Community Educators: https://communityeducators.net/

Upcoming webinars: