We stand with you in our outreach to lawmakers, regulators, the public and partners.

License Protection

IFDA and its lobbying team will protect the funeral director license, increasing public awareness of its scope, working with lawmakers, and building a strong base of members who can maintain relations with elected officials.

Political Influence

Increase the engagement of members contributing to the PAC to reach a set goal per election cycle.

Collaborative Partners

Maintain improved working relationships with partners and stakeholders.

Educational Standards

Elevate the funeral director licensure requirement and explore additional pathways toward credit for an internship and potentially a bachelor’s degree, after conducting due diligence.

The Board of Mortuary Science IFDA Members

The Board of Mortuary Science has 5 funeral directors on the board. Four are IFDA members: Chair Seth Williams, Co-Chair Marty Rieken, Chantelle Lundgren, and John Parrish.