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Help Us Commemorate Flight 232

October 2023


On July 19, 1989, a tragic event unfolded in Sioux City, Iowa, as United Flight 232 crashed, resulting in one of the largest disasters and mass casualties in the Midwest. In response, funeral directors from across the state immediately stepped forward to offer their assistance. Among the 285 passengers and 11 crew members onboard the flight, 111 lives were tragically lost.

Approximately 100 to 125 funeral directors generously devoted their time and expertise to help during this crisis. As both an association and as individuals working in a profession dedicated to providing care during times of profound need, we found much to be proud of in their selfless actions. We remain deeply grateful to those who volunteered in Sioux City and those who continued to support their communities while away.

With profound gratitude and respect, we are pleased to announce that we will be acknowledging and honoring these remarkable individuals during our 2024 Presidential Banquet at our Annual Convention on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. As part of this tribute, we will be conducting interviews with the funeral directors and support staff involved, which will be included in a video to be shared during the banquet.

If you or anyone you know who volunteered or supported the efforts at the funeral home during that time wishes to participate in these interviews, we warmly invite you to contact Danielle at the IFDA office at 515.270.0130 or Interviews will be conducted in person as well as via recorded phone calls. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the extraordinary compassion demonstrated then and for your willingness to join us in recognizing, paying tribute to, and honoring those who served during this critical period in our history.

Posted April 15, 2023